Sisters…….. 10/07/2014


Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown


I often forget or try to some days that I am not an only child…..

I have 4 sisters.. Eek.

I am actually very blessed to be part of a wonderful family unit that is over run by girls! I am the youngest and proud of it! Babies United…Ha ha… I have spent most of my time giving my sisters a hard time every chance I could/can! You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family! Hee hee.

I guess I was considered an OOPS since there is a significant amount of years (9) between the 4th sister & me; As one can see by the picture of us on one of our many vacas in CO.  Aren’t we flippin’ cute!



With the passing of our parents in last couple of years I was not sure how the dynamics of the sisterhood would end up. Even though I am over 50, I thought we would all go on our own way and chat occasionally. However on the other hand I learned differently, we all try to keep in contact whether it is via email, text, Words with Friends game, phone or in person. Dad always said Ma Bell had nothing on us!

With our recent move to Sterling, it brings me closer to my eldest sister ConBon… To back up in time, when living in Topeka I was close to sister Susie aka Louise, not to be confused with sister Kathryn Louise, whom I never have lived by except when she still lived at home! When we were living in Abilene, I was just a few blocks away from sister Linda!… Confused yet? Well stand in line… & I belong to this group! {it appears I move a lot}  I have enjoyed the time with each one at different points/chapters in my life.  I get to spend time with ConBon now, if I can only remember that we only live 20 mins apart as the crow flies..  🙂  Hopefully we will all get together to  spend time again soon!

It has always be an underlying known fact that since I was the youngest I would be responsible for taking care of my sisters. So I had to invest in a Bus with a chairlift (for their later years) so I can pick them all up each Sunday to take to church. > Don’t laugh…. Scott really purchased one.. Oh sistas just you wait! It is under renovation… But the truth of matter is:  my sisters still take care of me, whether it is encouragement, support, scolding (fewer these days), or as a game player online,  they always been there for me. Susie even called tonight to give her wise sisterly advice of doing a ‘follow-up’ call or note to my recent interview! Gotta love my sisters!!


Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life. ~Charles M. Schulz.


That quote cracks me up and it is meant to be a compliment to my sisters. I have tried to be rid of them at different times but they keep coming back! Truth and joking…. :/

I always worried and even got mad at times that all my sisters got to have Mom & Dad longer than I due to my being an oops,  but it is I who is the winner here. I was able to have the best of both worlds. I was raised as an only child most of my teen years (as all my sisters were married & gone) and blessed by having a sisterhood with those 4 apples from our Crabtree clan, even when our parental units are no longer around to head up the gatherings…

So my love runs deep for this crazy group of gals I have forever become tied to as a sister. I can never do as much for them as they have for me…. So this is the SHOUT OUT to each of you… Constance Ellen, Linda Jane, Mary Sue (oh yes I did lol) and Kathryn Louise….   >Love each of you so much….. <




Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends. ~Author Unknown

Miss you Mom & Dad…..


So from my Sterling nest I bid each of you a good night & sweet dreams… If you have sisters.. remind them you are still in their family yard….and sing them this little ditty… Lol…





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