Sisters…….. 10/07/2014


Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown


I often forget or try to some days that I am not an only child…..

I have 4 sisters.. Eek.

I am actually very blessed to be part of a wonderful family unit that is over run by girls! I am the youngest and proud of it! Babies United…Ha ha… I have spent most of my time giving my sisters a hard time every chance I could/can! You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family! Hee hee.

I guess I was considered an OOPS since there is a significant amount of years (9) between the 4th sister & me; As one can see by the picture of us on one of our many vacas in CO.  Aren’t we flippin’ cute!



With the passing of our parents in last couple of years I was not sure how the dynamics of the sisterhood would end up. Even though I am over 50, I thought we would all go on our own way and chat occasionally. However on the other hand I learned differently, we all try to keep in contact whether it is via email, text, Words with Friends game, phone or in person. Dad always said Ma Bell had nothing on us!

With our recent move to Sterling, it brings me closer to my eldest sister ConBon… To back up in time, when living in Topeka I was close to sister Susie aka Louise, not to be confused with sister Kathryn Louise, whom I never have lived by except when she still lived at home! When we were living in Abilene, I was just a few blocks away from sister Linda!… Confused yet? Well stand in line… & I belong to this group! {it appears I move a lot}  I have enjoyed the time with each one at different points/chapters in my life.  I get to spend time with ConBon now, if I can only remember that we only live 20 mins apart as the crow flies..  🙂  Hopefully we will all get together to  spend time again soon!

It has always be an underlying known fact that since I was the youngest I would be responsible for taking care of my sisters. So I had to invest in a Bus with a chairlift (for their later years) so I can pick them all up each Sunday to take to church. > Don’t laugh…. Scott really purchased one.. Oh sistas just you wait! It is under renovation… But the truth of matter is:  my sisters still take care of me, whether it is encouragement, support, scolding (fewer these days), or as a game player online,  they always been there for me. Susie even called tonight to give her wise sisterly advice of doing a ‘follow-up’ call or note to my recent interview! Gotta love my sisters!!


Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life. ~Charles M. Schulz.


That quote cracks me up and it is meant to be a compliment to my sisters. I have tried to be rid of them at different times but they keep coming back! Truth and joking…. :/

I always worried and even got mad at times that all my sisters got to have Mom & Dad longer than I due to my being an oops,  but it is I who is the winner here. I was able to have the best of both worlds. I was raised as an only child most of my teen years (as all my sisters were married & gone) and blessed by having a sisterhood with those 4 apples from our Crabtree clan, even when our parental units are no longer around to head up the gatherings…

So my love runs deep for this crazy group of gals I have forever become tied to as a sister. I can never do as much for them as they have for me…. So this is the SHOUT OUT to each of you… Constance Ellen, Linda Jane, Mary Sue (oh yes I did lol) and Kathryn Louise….   >Love each of you so much….. <




Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends. ~Author Unknown

Miss you Mom & Dad…..


So from my Sterling nest I bid each of you a good night & sweet dreams… If you have sisters.. remind them you are still in their family yard….and sing them this little ditty… Lol…





APplES aPpLes …..APPLES!! 10/01/2014

So this week I decided it was time to hop back into the bushel of apples cooking for the fall!


Whoa…. The cost of a bushel is Much more than I remember it being 7 yrs ago and there does appear to lots more apples than prior. However I am sure there is not, as with everything else the cost goes up and the amount goes down & I am rethinking the whole bushel amount! Oh sorry wrong lane of thought. … Tee hee.

I had pictured in my mind the beautiful kitchen and picture-perfect baking… you know like:

50s wife

Nope mine is like:



And there is no way a picture was going to be taken of me, covered in flour with mismatching clothes,  apple peels on the bottom of shoes &  butter in the hair….  Impressed withthe trash hanging off the chair?  And yes the only place for the recipe, taped to the wall, don’t be judging…  LOL.   Did I happen to mention that in our little Sterling nest the kitchen is cozy aka small and no counterspace. I will be so excited when the Ranch house (over the tracks on the land attached to the arena) is built and my dream kitchen is available for the flour dusting it will receive on a weekly basis…

I ended up making crock pot applesauce found on Pinterest. Not done yet but makes the nest smell amazingly like fall! Yum.

I made pumpkin scones with spiced icing (again another Pinterest recipe). They turned out pretty good. Of course there are no apples in there! Oops. I am going to try Carmel apple scones tomorrow… 🙂



I do realize I need to work on size consistency … still tastes the same tho! Yum Yum…

I am done baking for the night. More APples apples … & APPLES tomorrow to work with… kinda pumped. I wonder if Scott will be tired of all the apples when I have baked, sauced, cored, chopped and put on everything and in everything I can come up with including the pork chops this weekend? Could be an over kill… Oh who cares it is fall and I am baking and happy!

I do love to bake and cook. It does bring comfort to me especially when I am anxious or watching a KU basketball game. However, today was all about fall, fun, yummy smells and APPLES….

Signing off from my apple scented Sterling nest….



The week in a wrap…. 09/28/2014

This week has been a week of new challenges.

*Had a job interview.

*Drove 5.6 miles in a town of a 2 mile main street and 4 trips to the post office to get one package mailed to Jessie.

*Went to Scott’s 45th class reunion in Salina to put faces to the names I have heard many stories about!

So I interviewed with a dentist in the neighboring town and hoping to get back into the working world so I can quit following Scott around while using up all of my 26,000 daily words on him. I get the feeling this is what he sees when I talk…



The man puts up a lot with me and my incessant babbling about everything and nothing all in the same sentence. ….So a gainful employment would be a plus to our marriage. Hee hee


Drove 5.6 miles to mail a package at the post office that is 2 blocks away from home. REALLY? Yes I did clock it… It took 4 trips to accomplish it! It appears the post office in Sterling shuts down between 12:30-2:00 every afternoon. I went at 12:45. Trip #1. Went home. Fell asleep. Startled awake. Ran to the post office @ 3:15. No parking spots. Saw the barber was open ran home to let hubby (who also was sleeping) know  so that he would be lookin’ good for the reunion later that day. Trip #2. Ran back downtown to the post office. Yay! Parking spot. Grabbed debit card & package. Ran in. OPEN!! Even better.. …  debit machine down. Checkbook at home. Dang ##$%^$^&&.   Trip #3. Called hubby to bring checkbook on his way to barber. No answer. So back to the house via road (2 blocks) saw hubby in truck. He waved. $%##^^^&*. After many tries. Finally.


Post office    check-mark

Parking Spot.      check-mark


Package sent.  check-mark



Nailed it!


After much consideration and deep thinking…. Ok found out there was free beer, Scott decided a quick trip to his 45th High school reunion in Salina was in order. (Not that I had for several weeks suggested we RSVP & go.) Friday evening we headed north & for Scott to see many old – ahem friends he has not had contact with in over 40 yrs. It was fun to put finally put faces to the stories I have heard over the years and watch Scott cut loose and laugh….. Laughter is good for the soul…




It was a late night on trip back but broken up by a quick run through Mickey D’s for some well deserved fries and ketchup.. Best things EVeR!

We felt young again seeing 1am on the clock coming in the door.

Saturday at 9 am … another story.   Geesh.

Signing off from our Sterling nest. Have a great rest of your weekend! See ya all next week…..




New Chapter…New Road to travel

New Chapter…New Road to travel — 09/24/2014


New chapter new road in life…Not like I haven’t started new chapters or new roads before in the last 5 decades, but I want to think and believe this chapter will be nothing like the past ones.

It is going to AWESOME!!

Believe that one? Yeah I am trying to believe it! LOL. With my new beginnings I thought a diary would be in order… So why not a public diary aka Blog…

I am not a writer, as one will soon discover when reading this blog, if anyone reads it besides me. It has taken me 3 days to get this far. HA.

My new chapter begins in Sterling. Sterling Ks. A small town in south central Kansas. Did I tell you flat Kansas? It is growing on me. The people are friendly and nice… some. Jury is out on others here. I have many wonderful friends that live in Sterling. It has been good to see them often.

Let’s begin:

A bit of background on me (I will not let all information out on the 1st entry) is that I am a 51 yr old gal who is a Christian and loves the Lord. I am like every other human out there, I make mistakes and sometimes lousy choices but by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord I am saved.

Scott, my hubby, is a very interesting man. He is hard to explain or describe. Scott is truly a –one of a kind- man. Ha ha … You will find out more later.

I have been blessed by 3 kids or I should say 3 young adults. It is terribly difficult for me to believe they are grown. Jessie, Carlie & Billy are the light or pain of my existence….depends on what day you ask me!!

Did I happen to mention I have found as I have gotten older I have become more vocal on everything? I call it Honesty some may call it something else. Oh well everyone is entitled to their opinion. On that note, if I offend someone it is not my intention to hurt one but to verbalize my thoughts with honesty….. Lol.   One day my filter may kick in and work.. but not holding my breath.

I sit at my computer and can see the sun set from my desk. It is gorgeous. Someday I may even take a picture of it. Ha. I have had a wonderful day of catching up on things that need to be done around the ole homestead, a glass of wine at noon, a nap mid afternoon (due to wine) and a quiet late afternoon. Contemplating on tomorrow. A job interview. Whoot whoot.

So I am signing off from my Sterling nest wishing all a wonderful evening and peaceful night.