The week in a wrap…. 09/28/2014

This week has been a week of new challenges.

*Had a job interview.

*Drove 5.6 miles in a town of a 2 mile main street and 4 trips to the post office to get one package mailed to Jessie.

*Went to Scott’s 45th class reunion in Salina to put faces to the names I have heard many stories about!

So I interviewed with a dentist in the neighboring town and hoping to get back into the working world so I can quit following Scott around while using up all of my 26,000 daily words on him. I get the feeling this is what he sees when I talk…



The man puts up a lot with me and my incessant babbling about everything and nothing all in the same sentence. ….So a gainful employment would be a plus to our marriage. Hee hee


Drove 5.6 miles to mail a package at the post office that is 2 blocks away from home. REALLY? Yes I did clock it… It took 4 trips to accomplish it! It appears the post office in Sterling shuts down between 12:30-2:00 every afternoon. I went at 12:45. Trip #1. Went home. Fell asleep. Startled awake. Ran to the post office @ 3:15. No parking spots. Saw the barber was open ran home to let hubby (who also was sleeping) know  so that he would be lookin’ good for the reunion later that day. Trip #2. Ran back downtown to the post office. Yay! Parking spot. Grabbed debit card & package. Ran in. OPEN!! Even better.. …  debit machine down. Checkbook at home. Dang ##$%^$^&&.   Trip #3. Called hubby to bring checkbook on his way to barber. No answer. So back to the house via road (2 blocks) saw hubby in truck. He waved. $%##^^^&*. After many tries. Finally.


Post office    check-mark

Parking Spot.      check-mark


Package sent.  check-mark



Nailed it!


After much consideration and deep thinking…. Ok found out there was free beer, Scott decided a quick trip to his 45th High school reunion in Salina was in order. (Not that I had for several weeks suggested we RSVP & go.) Friday evening we headed north & for Scott to see many old – ahem friends he has not had contact with in over 40 yrs. It was fun to put finally put faces to the stories I have heard over the years and watch Scott cut loose and laugh….. Laughter is good for the soul…




It was a late night on trip back but broken up by a quick run through Mickey D’s for some well deserved fries and ketchup.. Best things EVeR!

We felt young again seeing 1am on the clock coming in the door.

Saturday at 9 am … another story.   Geesh.

Signing off from our Sterling nest. Have a great rest of your weekend! See ya all next week…..