APplES aPpLes …..APPLES!! 10/01/2014

So this week I decided it was time to hop back into the bushel of apples cooking for the fall!


Whoa…. The cost of a bushel is Much more than I remember it being 7 yrs ago and there does appear to lots more apples than prior. However I am sure there is not, as with everything else the cost goes up and the amount goes down & I am rethinking the whole bushel amount! Oh sorry wrong lane of thought. … Tee hee.

I had pictured in my mind the beautiful kitchen and picture-perfect baking… you know like:

50s wife

Nope mine is like:



And there is no way a picture was going to be taken of me, covered in flour with mismatching clothes,  apple peels on the bottom of shoes &  butter in the hair….  Impressed withthe trash hanging off the chair?  And yes the only place for the recipe, taped to the wall, don’t be judging…  LOL.   Did I happen to mention that in our little Sterling nest the kitchen is cozy aka small and no counterspace. I will be so excited when the Ranch house (over the tracks on the land attached to the arena) is built and my dream kitchen is available for the flour dusting it will receive on a weekly basis…

I ended up making crock pot applesauce found on Pinterest. Not done yet but makes the nest smell amazingly like fall! Yum.

I made pumpkin scones with spiced icing (again another Pinterest recipe). They turned out pretty good. Of course there are no apples in there! Oops. I am going to try Carmel apple scones tomorrow… 🙂



I do realize I need to work on size consistency … still tastes the same tho! Yum Yum…

I am done baking for the night. More APples apples … & APPLES tomorrow to work with… kinda pumped. I wonder if Scott will be tired of all the apples when I have baked, sauced, cored, chopped and put on everything and in everything I can come up with including the pork chops this weekend? Could be an over kill… Oh who cares it is fall and I am baking and happy!

I do love to bake and cook. It does bring comfort to me especially when I am anxious or watching a KU basketball game. However, today was all about fall, fun, yummy smells and APPLES….

Signing off from my apple scented Sterling nest….