New Chapter…New Road to travel

New Chapter…New Road to travel — 09/24/2014


New chapter new road in life…Not like I haven’t started new chapters or new roads before in the last 5 decades, but I want to think and believe this chapter will be nothing like the past ones.

It is going to AWESOME!!

Believe that one? Yeah I am trying to believe it! LOL. With my new beginnings I thought a diary would be in order… So why not a public diary aka Blog…

I am not a writer, as one will soon discover when reading this blog, if anyone reads it besides me. It has taken me 3 days to get this far. HA.

My new chapter begins in Sterling. Sterling Ks. A small town in south central Kansas. Did I tell you flat Kansas? It is growing on me. The people are friendly and nice… some. Jury is out on others here. I have many wonderful friends that live in Sterling. It has been good to see them often.

Let’s begin:

A bit of background on me (I will not let all information out on the 1st entry) is that I am a 51 yr old gal who is a Christian and loves the Lord. I am like every other human out there, I make mistakes and sometimes lousy choices but by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord I am saved.

Scott, my hubby, is a very interesting man. He is hard to explain or describe. Scott is truly a –one of a kind- man. Ha ha … You will find out more later.

I have been blessed by 3 kids or I should say 3 young adults. It is terribly difficult for me to believe they are grown. Jessie, Carlie & Billy are the light or pain of my existence….depends on what day you ask me!!

Did I happen to mention I have found as I have gotten older I have become more vocal on everything? I call it Honesty some may call it something else. Oh well everyone is entitled to their opinion. On that note, if I offend someone it is not my intention to hurt one but to verbalize my thoughts with honesty….. Lol.   One day my filter may kick in and work.. but not holding my breath.

I sit at my computer and can see the sun set from my desk. It is gorgeous. Someday I may even take a picture of it. Ha. I have had a wonderful day of catching up on things that need to be done around the ole homestead, a glass of wine at noon, a nap mid afternoon (due to wine) and a quiet late afternoon. Contemplating on tomorrow. A job interview. Whoot whoot.

So I am signing off from my Sterling nest wishing all a wonderful evening and peaceful night.